Friday, June 24, 2011

Martin 000X1 Review

[Updated November 2019]

In 2008 I chose a Brunner Outdoor Guitar Deluxe over the 000X1 for travel purposes, but I still maintain that this could be Martin's best fingerstyle guitar below $1k and even somewhat higher. Regardless of the HPL back and sides and absence of finery. To my ear it is very well balanced with sweet and substantial first and second strings, making it more ideal for fingerstyle. Strong fundamentals from these two strings with enough overtones are mandatory for me nowadays, and the primary reason I consider the 000-28EC, OM-42 and 00-28 to be the ultimate fingerstyle guitars in Martin's lineup. The updated 000X1AE also has a more comfortable 1 3/4" nut, as does the new 2020 000-X2E equivalent, with more refinements.

I would replace the pickup and saddle in the new 000X1AE, but that is my personal preference. A case is a further necessity as one is not supplied. And as with all HPL and satin guitars, wear the right clothing when recording in order to avoid unwanted noise.

The 000X1/AE is a superb guitar for many applications including travel, if size is not so much a concern. It can also hold its own against higher-priced guitars, and it performs remarkably well in front of a microphone. Most professional guitarists really need an affordable guitar in addition to their prized instruments. Perhaps that is the 000X1/AE's only downfall, in that you might need a more dispensable option when you finally own one ;)

Audio Demo
Process: Martin 000X1 with bare flesh > Sony PCM-D50 > Samplitude Pro X4 with a little Room Sim > at the end, the sound of a Red Apple Market truck reversing in the key of D :)

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