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Saturday, February 10, 2018

It's NFD: New Fingerpick Day!

That after 15 years of usage, no filing and still perfectly fine! So today I tried a fingerpick from my new supply. They're narrower than before but not lacking at all, just more comfortable. And yes, I wear them "wrong". I've done so for 35 years with no regrets! I do re-mold them in hot water, but this way I'm free to touch the strings directly for multiple harmonics, tapping, percussion, etc. The tone is also vastly better. So perhaps give it a try :-)

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Uher Tapes

I'm currently digitizing the audio tapes my dad recorded with his two 1961 Uher 4000 Report-L recorders, one of which is displayed in the photo below. Besides other Uher items I have his second 4000 and Uher Mix-5 mixer, also in perfect working order. I used this equipment many times myself while growing up, even for one of my dad's albums. Of course, in addition to a long family history this Uher also has incredible German engineering, that distinctly warm analog sound, and a built-in speaker second to none!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Akai X-330

Here is a photo of the 1969 4-track Akai X-330 that was used by the infamous Cotacachi band, Rumba Habana (1949-1979), to produce their records. This recorder is now in one of two new rooms that were opened in their honor during an event which I had the privilege of attending today at the Cotacachi museum.