Monday, August 5, 2019


Introducing TraqFreq™: the world's first musical instrument activity tracker that monitors playing, climate and supplies!

TraqFreq automatically tracks playing time, passages, songs, sets and much more. And it works on virtually any musical instrument that generates notes and some degree of sound.

TraqFreq comprises a small Bluetooth device that easily attaches inside or outside your instrument. Once paired with the supplied app, TraqFreq automatically tracks playing activity on musical instruments. This includes:

  • the time, sessions, passages, songs, epics and sets that you play
  • the dates, lengths, times, totals and trends of the above
  • current, past, recent and most significant playing sessions, and the time between them
  • day and night patterns
  • breaks and inactivity

The fundamental forms of musical activity that TraqFreq monitors are as follows:

  • 'Time' is playing time
  • 'Sessions' are instances of play separated by recesses
  • 'Passages' are shorter than songs
  • 'Songs' are longer than passages
  • 'Epics' are overly extended songs or ranges of play
  • 'Sets' are collections of songs

TraqFreq further monitors your instrument in adverse weather, both when it is in storage and as you play. It intelligently analyzes the environment, representing it in a straightforward "Climate Index" while all the intricate details remain just a tap away from the main dashboard.

TraqFreq also tracks the lifespan of virtually all supplies, like strings, plectrums, bows and rosin, compensating for aspects that affect their longevity like age, playing time, idle time, weather conditions, and type of material and coating.

For more details on TraqFreq and its many uses and benefits see the links below. Some of the product videos are also featured on my YouTube channel.

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