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Saturday, February 10, 2018

It's NFD: New Fingerpick Day!

That after 15 years of usage, no filing and still perfectly fine! So today I tried a fingerpick from my new supply. They're narrower than before but not lacking at all, just more comfortable. And yes, I wear them "wrong". I've done so for 35 years with no regrets! I do re-mold them in hot water, but this way I'm free to touch the strings directly for multiple harmonics, tapping, percussion, etc. The tone is also vastly better. So perhaps give it a try :-)

Saturday, April 29, 2017

João Pedro Grácio Portuguese Guitar Restoration

Many years ago a man in his 90's honored me with a 66-96 year-old João Pedro Grácio Portuguese guitar. This instrument was almost entirely apart, and for several years remained in safe storage in various countries during my travels. I wanted to feature the guitar in a recent video shoot, so having rebuilt it and a few coats of finish still to follow, I strung it up and shot it at lakes, mountains and above the clouds! Below are some photos and a terribly rough recording of this gem of a guitar!